How to make money on youtube

YouTube is a most popular online video websites having millions of videos and millions of visitors every day. With millions of visitors, people are making thousands of dollar income every day. The method is simple – if you can generate visitors then you can also make money.

Making money online is becoming increasingly easier in this day and age. There are literally thousands of ways you can make money online with very little experience. One of the best ways is through YouTube. You won’t need to be computer expert or website designer. All you need is a creativity and persistence.

Here are 4 steps that will get you on the right track to success.

1- Be original

You need to make videos that the public wants to watch. And nobody wants to watch the same old ideas, that everyone copies from each other.

Nobody in this world is like you, so the best way to originality is by letting your personality show in your videos.

So try and find a topic/niche you’re well versed in, and give something of value. Something that will entertain, make people laugh or cry, or simply learn, etc.

2- Keep at it

“Nothing worth having comes easy.”

Persistence is key. After you found a topic/niche of your interest, it’s time to start making videos. It’s up to you to decide how many videos you should produce each day, but a general starting rule is about 2-3 videos per week. This will be enough videos to keep your subscribers happy but it won’t be so many that it overloads your workload which would cause your video quality to suffer.

3- Promote yourself

After you have started to produce your videos, you need to work on promoting them. Promoting your videos is essential to getting views and in turn getting more revenue from the ads that you place.

The best method for getting substantial video views time and time again is to attract as many subscribers as possible. A subscriber is a person who will be notified via email and their YouTube page whenever you upload a new video.

4. Get your reward!

After creating your videos, uploading your videos, and promoting them, it’s time to start reaping the fruits of your labor. You must manually go through each of your videos and set them up to start generating revenue.

To do this, you must first establish a Google AdSense.

Next, you need to get accepted as a YouTube partner. Only then will you be able to link your both accounts together and start placing ads on your videos, and in turn, start making money!

If you have seen some video, you have some great ideas to start with YouTube. Create your own videos and upload them to the site. After you have finished this step, you need to apply for becoming a partner to locate the partnership services area of the website. This step will take time. YouTube will review and approve your application. It is important steps before you can start making money on YouTube.

You should also make an interesting portfolio before you apply for a partner. Once you have become successful and your application is approved then you will be able to make commission by displaying advertisements.

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